OCR Approved Examination Center

As a private candidate, taking exams can be overwhelming and daunting, especially if you are unsure of the procedures. Emperia College is a friendly centre that offers advice and guidance to private candidates. We are approved OCR examination center and we can help you with most written exams at GCSE / A Levels and also we accommodate you for universities admission testings


A Level | GCSE Exams

Procedure and Registration

New candidates MUST visit the Centre in PERSON to register. (A parent cannot register on behalf of their child) To process registration you must bring the following documents:

    Photographic identification (passport or driver’s license)

    Proof of address document within the past 6 months (utility bill, TV licence, etc).

    Registration form can be completed in person on-site

    UCI number (only if you have written exams elsewhere in the past 5 years): *The UCI is 13 characters in total - 12 digits and a letter on the end. The best place to find this number is on your previous Statement of Results (or Statement of Entry).

    Pay full fees at our centre on day of registration.

    Book an appointment Monday - Thursday from 9:30am to 3:00pm

Exam Fees

  1. GCSE £150 per subject
  2. A Level (GCE)- £125 per unit
  3. Late Entry Charges

  4. Stage 1 Late Fee £100 per GCSE / A Level (GCE) unit
  5. Stage 2 Late Fee £200 per GCSE / A Level (GCE) unit


Advice on how to pick up your A Level and/or GCSE results will be emailed around the end of July. You can usually pick these up in person, call over the phone or they will be posted second class. Certificates will be posted home by Emperia College, around November/ December. Certificates are kept in storage for 2 academic years after which they may then be destroyed. Copies are not kept. Please make sure that you keep your certificates in a safe place as you most certainly will be required to produce these as evidence of your qualifications at a later date, when taking up a place at university or applying for a job.