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About us

We aim to provide our students with personalised education by helping them achieve their academic, and career goals. We have proficient teachers as well as encouraging environment, so that students can unlock their true potential. Emperia welcomes students of all ages and backgrounds. Our small group sizes, expert tuition and individual support ensure that every student redefines and achieves their own potential and gets ahead of the crowd. We offer wide spectrum of GCSE, and GCE courses, as well as tuition classes from KS1 to A levels.

So whether you want to broaden your skills, enhance your job opportunities, or boost your grades, we would like to be a part of where you want to be.

Why Emperia? It’s simple –we take things to the higher level.

Flexible learning opportunities

Full or part-time, providing the option to combine study with work or family life.

Focused learning in small classes

Learn more content more quickly
in our smaller classes, increasing your confidence and better preparing you for exam success.

Personal development

Emperia guides students to achieve academic success and fulfill their aspirations. We respect and value each student providing a friendly, safe, supportive environment, where students are happy and grow in confidence.

Regular assessments

We test our students regularly , and offer continuous support from the teachers.

Competitive fees

At Emperia you can get high quality education at reasonable price.

Significant grades improvements

Through inspiring teaching methods and customized tasks we aim to increase your Childs confidence, which leads to better grades and learning habits that last life time.

First choice Universities offers

This year most of our students have gone to their  1st choice University like St George’s University, Kings College.

Proven results

This year 95% of our students received A and A* in their A levels and GCSE’s

Happy Students

My experience at Emperia college has been extremely wonderful as the teachers have always been very compassionate and helpful towards me. They’ve always made sure that I am completely thorough with all the topics that I’ve been taught, and they have always cared about my well being. The school also always treats all the students equally and there is no partiality or favouritism between students and teachers. Revant

Revant Chaudhary


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