After having my studies disrupted for various reasons, I was extremely fortunate to find Emperia college. During my two years here, everyone has been supportive, helpful, and extremely kind. I couldn’t have made it without them. Whether it be one-to-one or group classes, I was able to get the attention and help I needed. Being a private candidate is a tough road but thanks to the teachers and staff at Emperia, I was able to finish my studies and set out to uni! I’m sincerely grateful to them. I definitely recommend them to anyone who is struggling with their studies or is in the same situation as me.

Hebatalla Medhat

The best school with one of the best and most helpful teachers around. They guide you through everything, and they’ve always made sure that I completely understand everything they’re teaching me. Especially in maths as it had been one of my weakest subjects but my teacher made it much more easier for me and I became a lot more confident in doing it. Suhani

Suhani Chaudhary

My experience at Emperia college has been extremely wonderful as the teachers have always been very compassionate and helpful towards me. They’ve always made sure that I am completely thorough with all the topics that I’ve been taught, and they have always cared about my well being. The school also always treats all the students equally and there is no partiality or favouritism between students and teachers. Revant

Revant Chaudhary